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Sundance director announces resignation

Raymond T. Grant, executive director of Sundance Resort for three years, announced his resignation Wednesday.

Grant, who was responsible for bringing a variety of authors, civic leaders, political pundits and performing artists to the resort for various functions over past three years, said in an e-mail that his resignation is "effective immediately," and he praised Sundance founder Robert Redford as the resort's creative driving force.

Grant led a staff that increased to some 600 employees during the peak winter months, as he oversaw all programming and resort operations.

Prior to joining Sundance, the native New Yorker received great praise for his work heading up the Arts Olympiad for the 2002 Winter games. Before joining the Salt Lake Olympics, Grant headed the performing-arts and film division of the Disney Institute.

Grant gave no reason for his departure from Sundance, and did not return telephone calls Wednesday evening.