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100 years ago in the Salt Lake

Actual news as reported in the Deseret News during September 1905

"A daring burglar broke into the Beehive House sometime last night and managed to steal some articles and get away unobserved." A gold watch, a fountain pen and some small change were among the items taken.

"Secretary Cox of the D.A. & M Society has arranged with the American Kennel club of this city to place on exhibition at the coming state fair, 250 dogs, representing 30 breeds. The exhibition, it is believed, will be the finest ever given this state."

"Engineer plans to drain city. Has scheme to dispose of surface water and sewage in lower districts. Wants three storm sewers. Will prevent damage to property and greatly improve sanitary condition." At present, most flow goes to the Ninth South canal. Three intercepting storms sewers will alter that delivery.

"Right Rev. Bishop R.F. Lee, D.D.L.I.D, of Wilberforce, O., one of the bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, will arrive in Salt Lake City tomorrow and preach Sunday morning and evening at the Odd Fellows hall on Market street."

"Carl A. Carlgren, aged 64, died yesterday of dropsy at his home, 1,866 S. Seventh East street. The deceased came to the city early in the 70s from Sweden, and was a miner."

"One of the handsomest compliments lately received by the Deseret News was in order — totally unsolicited — which came into the establishment last week from a prominent local concern asking that a quarter page space on the cover of the Christmas News be reserved for it. The order, received before the Christmas News was even announced, indicates thoroughly the value placed on that edition by business men."

"The Daughters of the Pioneers will hold an interesting session at the home of Mrs. Susa Young-Gates, 672 N. First Week Street on Tuesday next. It will be a real old-fashioned rag carpet sewing gathering. The intention is to make carpet for their headquarters."

"Chief Forester Gifford Pinchot rode up Big Cottonwood Canyon yesterday, accompanied by Sen. Smoot, collector Callister, Receiver G.A. Smith and planting experts J.M. Featheroff and W.S. Hadley. Prof. Pinchot said Salt Lake has a superb water supply, but care will be necessary to prevent pollution from ranches, camps and mines. The party selected a site for raising forest trees, which will be grown and planted."

"Chief Bywater of the fire department states that work will begin in the near future on the new fire station at Tenth East and Ninth South streets. The building will cost $6,000 and will have new equipment worth $1,000."

"Last night detectives Raleigh and Shannon arrested three alleged grafters."

"Bamberger is getting busy. Presenting Salt Lake and Ogden Road places orders for sixty pound steel. Will soon be on Market St." President Simon Bamberger ordered 1,000 tons of 6-lb. rail."

"The Rio Grande Western will plant 300,000 young mountain trout in Provo River for the benefit of fishermen two years hence."

"Action against Sunday theaters. Decisive move will be made to percent violations of a wholesome state law. Suggestive posters doomed. Mayor Morris says he will give strict orders to police to see that the law is enforced."