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Conference for 8th-graders

"Defining Your Path," a half-day conference for eighth-grade girls, is scheduled for Oct. 1 at the University of Utah's Orson Spencer Hall.

The conference, limited to 200 attendees, will include keynote speaker Theresa Martinez, associate professor and associate dean for outreach and development at the U., who will present "The Meaning and Importance of Our Stories: From Girls to Women."

Workshops include presentations on art, business, law, engineering, the sciences and writing. Midvale Mayor Jo Ann B. Seghini will present the closing keynote address. Parents also are invited to attend, and two workshops will be geared toward them.

The cost to attend is $10 for girls and $5 for adults. Applications are available from school counselors, MESA coordinators, gifted and talented coordinators or school offices. Questions may be directed to Jeanette Misaka at 538-7647 or 277-9393.