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Garbage not splitting up, band's lead singer says

Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson says the Scottish rock band, which is about to take a break after a grueling tour, isn't planning to split up.

"We have discussed this and I don't think anybody is interested in breaking up," Manson said recently.

"We feel that this has been a really great tour, and we feel that we have really muscled through and produced a great record, and we just want to take some time off while things are really good between us," she said.

The band earlier announced that it was canceling dates in France, Belgium and Britain in October.

"Having been constantly on the road since the beginning of March the band feel they have somewhat overextended themselves and have mutually decided to conclude their tour at the end of September in Australia," Garbage said in the posting on its Web site.

Manson said she was desperate for some time off.

"I don't think I have seen a single green vegetable in three months, so I just need to get my life into some sort of sense of control," she said.

She also slammed Australian band INXS for using a reality show to find a replacement for its former lead singer, Michael Hutchence, who committed suicide in 1997.

Canadian J.D. Fortune was chosen as INXS' new lead singer for an upcoming tour as the climax to CBS' "Rock Star: INXS."

"It isn't INXS without Michael Hutchence," said Manson.

"I feel like in life you have to be prepared to let go of something in order for new growth to occur in your life. And I think it is unhealthy to be constantly coming back to recreate the past," she said. "You should forge forward instead of being sentimental about things that have gone by."