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Paintballs prohibited in Vineyard park

VINEYARD — The town park in Vineyard is no longer open for war games, the town council decided Wednesday night.

Some town officials were concerned about people shooting paintballs on town property, not only for liability issues, but because of the mess left behind — including empty shells and paint spots on the ground.

The council agreed to post signs that paintball games are not allowed in the area.

In the past, some groups had contacted the city about playing in the park and had gotten an OK. However, other groups were coming in unapproved, at night, posing a bigger threat for liability issues.

"It's just not a good practice to be playing in a public park," Mayor Randy Farnworth said. He said he came to that decision after talking with officials in Orem, Springville and Spanish Fork who said they don't allow the paint-splattering game in their public parks.