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Board of pardons has 5 members, chairman

The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole is now complete with five full-time members and one of them appointed as chairman.

A vacancy was announced in April by former chairman Mike Sibbett, who had served on the board 15 years — 12 as its chairman.

Friday, Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. appointed Donald E. Blanchard as chairman of the parole board.

Blanchard has served on the board for the past 15 years and has served as its vice chairman.

"I appreciate the opportunity Governor Huntsman has given me to serve as chairman," Blanchard said in a news release. "The strength of this board is not in any one member but in the dedicated efforts of each of the members working together to issue just decisions."

He said he looks forward to serving with other members of the board: Curtis Garner, Cheryl Hansen, Jesse Gallegos and newly appointed member Keith Hamilton.

Hamilton's appointment was confirmed Wednesday by the Utah Senate.

"Don's experience on the board will serve him well in his capacity as chair," Huntsman said in the release. "We appreciate his willingness to serve. His leadership will benefit the state of Utah."