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Glimpses from life of Prophet

KAYSVILLE, Utah — Members of the Kaysville Utah East Stake celebrated the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith by presenting an all-original musical stage production on Sept. 13 and 15. The production, held at the stake center, had some 300 participants, including about 180 youth and portrayed "glimpses of the life of the Prophet Joseph and people who knew him," said President Wendell Child, second counselor in the stake presidency.

The production centered on a modern-day family with a son struggling with the decision to serve a mission. As his parents tell vignettes from the most significant events in the life of Joseph Smith, those scenes are played out on the stage. By the end of the production, the son says, "I now know why it's so important and I want to tell others about it."

President Child added that producers hoped those watching would realize "how their lives have been blessed by what the Prophet Joseph did."