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If you go to the Great Wall of China

GETTING THERE: From Beijing, take a bus from Dongzhimen station to Miyun, then take another bus to Gubeikou and get off at the Jinshanling gate. Trains are also available to Gubeikou.

COST: There is a $5 entrance fee for each traveler at the Jinshanling Wall. Sun Hailong's overnight service costs $24 per person per night and includes dinner and breakfast.

CURRENCY: The Chinese yuan is the official currency (8.09 yuan to one U.S. dollar). There are currency exchange facilities in Beijing.

GETTING BY: English is not widely spoken, so the services of a guide or translator may be useful.

WHEN TO GO: The temperatures are most comfortable in September and October and in the spring.

WHAT TO BRING: Sturdy shoes or boots and clothing suitable for hiking and cooler weather.

INFORMATION: Sun Hailong speaks Chinese and some English. He can be reached by mobile telephone at 011-86-139-3244-4368.