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War unwinnable? Think again

Our Letter Writer of the Month for August is Frank Overfelt of Salt Lake City. An amateur poet and father of seven, he is also the president of Delta Healthcare Consulting Group, Inc. His letters often appear in the Deseret Morning News and never fail to spark interest.

It is absolutely impossible for this war to be won. The military is underfunded. The troops are poorly trained. There is poor leadership. There is a great division among the people. The forces on the other side appear to be unlimited.

I bet you thought I was describing the war in Iraq. Sorry. I was describing the Revolutionary War of 1776. What if we'd given up on that effort under the circumstances described? And will the press quit referring to the terrorists as insurgents? Insurgency implies that the opposition is coming from within. They are pure blatant terrorists with no regard for human life. Remember 1776!

Frank Overfelt

Salt Lake City

August 23, 2005