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Home-schooling for everyone

As the battle between the home-schooling faction and the public education devotees continues, I have to say that every student in our society needs to be home-schooled, whether they attend public school or not. Today's public schools are largely very expensive institutions of tax-funded baby sitting, where teachers constantly battle empire-building administrators, irresponsible parents, seemingly uncontrollable juvenile delinquents, and students who don't even know the language. Politicians and educators alike have many of us convinced that the answer is to simply dump even more money on the problem, or give exams to students to ensure that they are never "left behind." Instead of learning relevant things in math classes — like how to figure decimals, fractions, percentages and interest, texts are making students struggle with things most of them will never use. Instead of learning how to communicate effectively, they are often doing busy work. Truly creative students are often encouraged to simply follow the flock and not make waves.

T. J. "Joe" Taylor