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Attorney for Goshutes pleads guilty to theft

An attorney who represented a group of Skull Valley Goshutes has pleaded guilty to stealing some $11,000 from the group's bank accounts.

Duncan Steadman pleaded guilty to one count of taking the money and converting the funds for his own use, knowing it was illegal. The plea comes as the South Jordan attorney was scheduled to stand trial in federal court.

Steadman represented a group that said they were the victors during a tribal election in 2001. Federal prosecutors allege that Steadman created bogus documents that convinced the bank that the three band members were duly elected officials and entitled to access the band's bank accounts. However, prosecutors say the Bureau of Indian Affairs had determined that the three had not won the election.

Sammy Blackbear, Marlinda Moon and Miranda Wash have all pleaded guilty to charges in connection to the unauthorized taking of bank funds.

Steadman is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 6 and faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.