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TCU 51, BYU 50

Cory Rodgers
Cory Rodgers

Cory Rodgers

Scored four TDs, including the game-winner in OT. He also returned a kickoff 100 yards for a TD and caught nine passes for 137 yards.

Play of the game

After John Beck throws a 25-yard touchdown strike to Todd Watkins on the first play of overtime, deep snapper Justin Luettgerodt's snap to holder Riley Weber bounces on the ground. Placekicker Jared McLaughlin picks up the ball and is tackled. That missed extra point opportunity proves to be the difference.

Key call

Cory Rodgers charges toward the goal line and fumbles. It is ruled a touchdown initially, but did the ball break the plane of the goal before he lost control? Mountain West Conference instant-replay officials review the play and allow it to stand.


"I was right in there and I didn't think it was a touchdown. But it's (the officials') call." — Aaron Wagner, BYU linebacker on TCU's overtime touchdown



Where: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego

When: Saturday, 8 p.m.

Update: The Aztecs (0-3) hosted San Jose State on Saturday in a game that finished after Deseret Morning News press times.