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National funds allow local Demos to bolster party by hiring 3 staffers

Using funds provided to many states from the national Democratic Party, the Utah Democratic Party has hired three new staffers, chairman Wayne Holland said.

Jeff Bell, who has worked in state politics for 14 years, most recently as a top aide to 3rd Congressional District Democratic candidate Beau Babka, is the state party's new director of communications.

Craig Axford, who along with a number of other Green Party leaders came into the Democratic Party several years ago, forming the Progressive Caucus, will be take on the new job of party organizer, working at the grass-roots level to strengthen local party organizations.

Marcie Smith West has been hired to also work as a political organizer and will recruit and coordinate candidates.

West has managed a number of high-profile races in recent years, running Paul Van Dam's U.S. Senate race last year. She has recently worked as a coordinator for Big Brothers and Sisters of Utah.