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Missing 4-year-old is found inside a cabin

HAMLIN VALLEY, Iron County — A search for a lost boy ended happily early Sunday morning when members of a search and rescue team found the 4-year-old inside a cabin about one mile from where he was reported missing.

The boy's family and some of their friends, all from Veyo, Washington County, were visiting Hamlin Valley for a weekend camping trip. The 4-year-old wandered off Saturday afternoon, and the parents made a cell phone call for help about 3:30 p.m.

The call initially was picked up by emergency dispatchers in Ely, Nev., who quickly routed the call to the Iron County Sheriff's Department in Cedar City, said Iron County sheriff's deputy Ron Skeem. Hamlin Valley is about 40 miles northwest of Cedar City.

The Iron County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team was sent to the area and immediately began a systematic, patterned search of the nearby area, Skeem said. About 1 a.m., searchers happened upon one of several cabins in the area. They entered and found the boy asleep on the couch.

"He was scared and cold, but other than that he was in really, really good shape," Skeem said. "He just wanted his mom and dad."

The cabin was unlocked, and the boy simply opened the door and let himself it, Skeem said.