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2 charged in murder case

PROVO — Two men were charged Monday in 4th District Court for their alleged roles in the slaying of a man at an Elberta farm.

Sergio Ramos-Trujillo, who has been charged with first-degree felony murder, is being held without bail in the Utah County Jail. He is accused of shooting his roommate, Jorge Corana-Mora, at an LDS Church-owned dairy farm in Elberta on Sept. 16.

Ramos-Trujillo also is charged with third-degree felony charge of unlawful possession of a handgun.

Another man, Mario Padilla-Rodriguez, was taken into custody Sept. 19 and faces charges of obstructing justice, a second-degree felony, and unlawful purchase and possession of a handgun, a third-degree felony, as well as a class A misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment.

According to court documents, Ramos-Trujillo visited Padilla-Rodriguez on Sept. 15 and asked to borrow a gun, complaining of problems with his roommate.

The roommates apparently had a history of altercations, including an incident of road rage the day before the shooting.

Padilla-Rodriguez loaned his gun — a Russian Makarov — which he had purchased three years earlier as an undocumented immigrant, according to court documents.

When Ramos-Trujillo returned the gun the next day, he told his friend there had been problems, but that he had "just killed that guy," according to police statements in the court documents.

After a manhunt of almost eight hours, Ramos-Trujillo was found with relatives in Provo and taken into custody, where he allegedly waived his Miranda rights and told the police about the shooting and the location of the gun.

Police say they later visited Padilla-Rodriguez's home in Springville, where he initially denied knowing anything about the weapon. However, according to court documents, he later admitted he had thrown it in a Dumpster.

Police matched the gun with casings found at the scene of the crime.

Both men will appear in court today.