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Summary of Granite school options

Going out for public input:

Option 1: Close Granite High, Evergreen Junior High and Morningside, Canyon Rim and Meadow Moor elementaries; realign boundaries. Option to be presented with and without west-side neighborhood "boot" going to Cottonwood.

Option 4A: Allows for 1,000- to 1,200-student rebuilt Granite High. It would maintain boundaries when possible. It would close Morningside, Woodstock and Hill View elementaries, and either Rosecrest or Canyon Rim elementaries.

Option 5: Close Granite High and extend Cottonwood High's boundary north to the Salt Lake City line and west to the Jordan River and maintain the "boot," or west-side neighborhood attending Cottonwood. Close Wasatch Junior High and Woodstock, Hill View and Canyon Rim elementaries. The main aim is to keep students together from elementary through high school.

Taken off the table:

Option 2: Consolidate Granite and Granger highs in a new building (closes both); close Evergreen and Wasatch junior highs, Granite Park Middle School and Morningside, Canyon Rim, Meadow Moor and Mill Creek elementaries; move the ninth grade into high schools — leaving only seventh and eighth grades in junior high schools — in the Cottonwood, Olympus and Skyline school networks; realign boundaries.

Option 3: Close Wasatch Junior High and Morningside, Canyon Rim, Hill View and Woodstock elementaries; rebuild Granite High; move the ninth grade into high schools except in Hunter and Kearns networks; rebuild Brockbank Junior High School elsewhere and add current building to Cyprus High campus; reduce elementary school crowding in Taylorsville, Hunter and Cyprus networks; move some west-side schools from year-round schedules; realign boundaries.

Option 4B: Would have Granger and Granite highs be small, 1,000- to 1,200-student schools to include ninth-graders. It would close Eastwood, Morningside and Woodstock elementaries and consolidate Evergreen and Wasatch junior highs, with a new school at the Evergreen site. Rebuilds Granger and Granite high schools.

Option 6: Same as option 5, except close Olympus High instead of Granite and realign boundaries accordingly.

All options summarized. Options 1-3 came from the district-community Options Committee. Options 4A and 4B came from the board earlier this month. Options 5 and 6 came from communities and were presented in a Tuesday morning study session and formalized for the board meeting.