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Hunters urged to use caution while boating in Utah

Boating officials urge duck hunters to use extreme caution on Saturday when boating on Utah marshes and offered these tips.

Wear a personal floatation device or life jacket at all times while in the water. PFDs are available in a variety of styles, including camouflage vests and float coats.

Know and obey all boating laws and safe boating rules.

Possess a valid hunting license, tag and permit for the hunt.

Take all precautions to avoid capsizing or swamping the vessel. Small, flat-bottom vessels are prone to capsizing.

Distribute gear evenly; do not exceed the vessel's capacity and take only well-trained dogs on board a small vessel.

Cold water can be a killer. When hunting on cold water, wear several layers of clothing under your PFD.

Always check weather forecasts, and stay as close to shore as possible.

Fire no shots until the vessel it stopped, the motor is turned off, and the vessel is secured or properly anchored. Always remain seated when shooting.

Firearms should always be unloaded, have the safety on, and be secured in a gun case when being transported in a vessel.

Airboats operated on the Great Salt Lake or adjacent marshes must have a compass and at least one of the following: approved flares, a strobe light or other visual distress signal on board.