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'Metamorphoses' is excellent

In response to Eunice Pace's letter about Pioneer Theatre Company's production of "Metamorphoses" (Sept. 27): I'm probably as conservative as Ms. Pace. I don't go to PG-13 movies. And when PTC advertises that a play has "strong language," I don't go.

And I thought "Metamorphoses" was one of the best plays I've ever seen! "Metamorphoses" means "changes" — changes for good or for bad. Each of the 10 Greek myths portrayed has to do with our lives. The incest vignette isn't about incest. It's about sin. The daughter rationalizes her sins. Do we rationalize our sins? And the response of the father when he discovers what he's done is to run screaming off stage. Do we run, screaming, from sin?

"Metamorphoses" is a great play for a reflective person. I highly recommend it and I'd love to see it again.

Jo Ellen Ashworth