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Critic underrates art films

The Deseret Morning News film critic, Jeff Vice, is slipping. He is failing to see the brilliance in a slew of films this year, and also overpraising the comic book stuff.

Vice did not like the creepy revenge masterpiece, "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," from Korean director, Chan-wook Park. He woefully underappreciated the wildly original "Me and You and Everyone We Know" from U.S. indie director Miranda July and loathed the boldly experimental "Yes" from British director Sally Potter.

However, he has a general tendency to overrate films based on comic books or with a superhero as their protagonist. Why does he take such glee in being a fan of this adolescent stuff? Why does he unfairly and routinely dismiss the really good arthouse fare? Is it because he writes for a very conservative paper whose readers, he thinks, couldn't possibly appreciate an artistic or challenging film?

I submit that he is slipping. He's becoming jaded.

Brook Elison

Tower Theatre Manager

Salt Lake Film Society