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Sandy sets family initiative

With families rarely meeting at the dinner table, Sandy City is making an official plea to make it a weekly occurrence.

In conjunction with the newly founded National Family Day, Sandy City is implementing the Family Meal Initiative.

Last week, Mayor Tom Dolan and Sandy City Council Chairman John Winder signed a resolution requesting all Sandy citizens eat together as a family at least one night during the week.

President Bush declared Sept. 26 as National Family Day. As part of observing this new holiday, Bush urged "the people of the United States to observe this day by engaging in activities that honor the relationship between parents and children and help keep our young people healthy and safe."

Dolan and the Sandy City Council are encouraging all families to eat together. Grocery stores throughout Sandy will be distributing brochures that outline the benefits of eating as a family.

Research from Columbia University has shown that kids who eat dinner with their families are more likely to eat healthier, do well in school and resist drugs. For more information on this research, go to

For more information about the Family Meal Initiative, contact Korban Lec at 568-7156.