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East High tennis team is aiming for championship

The East High girls tennis team is anything but run of the mill.

Wanting to reach new heights, the Leopards aren't willing to settle for average. These girls know what it takes to win, and they are willing to do it.

After taking third in state last year with a very talented team, East knows they have a lot to do achieve their goals this season. Four of the team's players graduated last year; two of which went on to play tennis in college. As a result, the team is younger, with a lot of up and coming talent to build on this year and seasons to come, as well. Despite being younger, their game keeps improving and becoming more competitive, and they are living up to the reputation of the strong tennis teams that have preceded them at East High.

"Everyone on the team is strong, all the way down. These girls are willing to work and work hard," said coach Sue Kiser who has been involved with the tennis team for the past four years. "They are getting better with each match. We have a realistic chance of going far if we perform to our potential."

Strong players such as Molly Turner, Markay Mullen and Morgen Kiser — who stands undefeated and aims to remain so — are focused on playing more offensively and aggressively. Watching these teammates play together displays no lack in team unity. The girls genuinely like each other and support the other players in wins and in losses. Their chemistry shows on and off the court. Molly Turner's goal for the season is to retain that spark.

"I want to make sure everyone has a good time this year," Turner said, "and we want to cut deep into state."

Naturally, the team's goal is to make it to state and do well in the tournament. Competing in the state championship is not out of their reach, but competing in Region 6, however, is no walk in the park, as it is a region stocked with talent. Teams such as Murray, West and Cottonwood can't be dismissed easily.

"The region is tough, but it is weaker this year," said Mullen. "We really think we have a chance to go far in the tournament."

"I feel good about the team; we have as good a chance as any to win." coach Kiser said, "To win we need everybody to contribute."