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Tips for scrapbooking

While ultimately you decide how you want your scrapbook to look, those in the business can help you preserve your memories and get better organized:

Use acid and lignin-free papers, glues, pens and paints to give scrapbooks a lifespan of more than 200 years.

Sort photos into categories, such as years, special events, individual children, holidays, vacations and birthdays.

Establish a focal point and crop around it — cutting away unnecessary background. Make one photo the main focal point of your page.

Select a color scheme using two to three colors from the focal photo used in the layout.

Mount the cropped photo on paper, trimming close to the cropped edges of the photo. Use combinations of straight and patterned scissors to crop the photo and the mat.

For easy edging, use straight scissors to cut out the photo or mat, and then edge with patterned scissors.

Finish each page with special touches, such as rubber stamps, stickers or scrapbooking accessories available in a wide variety of patterns, colors and themes.

Source: Hobby Industry Association