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And the Itty Bitty winners are . . .

As Daniel Stober says, "I hope Doug and Iris had a long, fruitful life together, otherwise they will have tortured us all for nothing."

Stober was referring to the "Doug + Iris" written in the sidewalk on 300 East, one of 21 sometimes elusive clues in our 13th annual Itty Bitty Salt Lake City contest. This year's contest drew more than 100 teams, who pounded downtown pavements for days trying to identify tiny fragments of buildings, signs and other landmarks.

Many entrants said they enjoyed the contest, despite having to retrace their steps looking for clues.

The Joyce Mustoe family had fun even though their van broke down and they had to have it towed back to Riverton.

Seth and Tricia Norwood of Salt Lake City had fun even after they discovered how serious the other contestants were. "I'm not sure," says Tricia, "but I think they had invested in infrared goggles, walkie-talkies and heavy-duty mountain bikes to complete the course.

"All I could say was, 'Bring it on! I plan on getting tough next year.' "

The most difficult clue this year proved to be No. 1: the words "summer past." As many entrants eventually discovered, it's part of a poem at the base of a Dennis Smith statue at 61 S. Main.

Grand prize winner is Ellen Clift of Salt Lake City, a contest veteran, who will receive a $2,000 CD from Zions Bank.

Second prize goes to Mark Harbertson of South Jordan, who wins a night's stay for two at the Peery Hotel and a $50 gift certificate for Christopher's Seafood and Steakhouse.

Third prize, four Utah Symphony tickets and two $30 gift certificates to any Gastronomy restaurant, goes to Mary Jane Vuyk of South Jordan, another Itty Bitty vet.

Fourth-prize winners are Adria and Daniel Williams of West Jordan, who will receive two tickets to a Jazz suite and a $50 FANZZ gift certificate.

Fifth prize, a gift pack for four to the Living Planet Aquarium and $20 in Muscle Beach Lemonade certificates, goes to John and Janene Atwood of Sandy.

The winners were chosen in a random drawing of all correct entries.

The answers:

1. summer past: at the base of a statue at 61 S. Main

2. 9-3: phone number for Packer Glass, 150 W. 400 South

3. OO : Patrick Dry Goods, 163 W. 200 South

4. metal detail: lamppost either in front of Eagle Gate Plaza, South Temple and State, or at the side of the Matheson Courthouse on 400 South.

5. columns: on windows of Library TRAX stop, near 200 East on 400 South.

6. piano keys: poster in front of Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. Broadway. This clue was eliminated after the poster was taken down.

7. face: painted tile in sidewalk in front of One Utah Center on Main Street near 200 South.

8. zigzags: tile on side of Kings Row Formal Wear, 242 E. South Temple

9. stop: part of Christopher's Seafood and Steakhouse sign, 110 W. 300 South

10. guitar: Olympic monument, northwest corner of Abravanel Hall, South Temple

11. window: walkway between 200 South and Pierpont Avenue

12. cup: neon sign for Nostalgia, 248 E. 100 South

13. palm: on top of Cabana Club, 31 E. 400 South

14. people: plaque for Salt Lake Theatre, 100 South and State Street

15. hot dog: Ala Cart 2 Go, 123 E. 200 South

16. exclamation point: Presto Print, 228 S. Edison St.

17. Doug + Iris: in sidewalk in front of The Bakery, 250 S. 300 East

18. columns: Treasury Credit Union logo, 166 E. Social Hall Ave.

19. red grid: fire escape, 200 West in block between 300 and 400 South

20. face: Legal Donuts cartoon, 30 E. 300 South

21. house: Olive Garden, West Temple and 200 South