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Sandy needs Lowe's, Wal-Mart

I am the son of a sitting member of the Sandy City Council and a tax paying Sandy homeowner who is raising a family here. I'm dismayed by the vitriol demonstrated by many people speaking out against Sandy city regarding the zoning of the gravel pit.

For instance, David V. Nicholson (Readers' Forum, Sept. 1), also of Sandy, has no compunction about publicizing in a letter to the Deseret Morning News his own conclusions regarding the motives of city leaders. His allegations of personal financial gain for city leaders if the zoning change passes are utterly unsupportable and ethically reprehensible.

Nicholson did not disclose his affiliation with Save Our Communities, who have used a phony park agenda, anti-Wal-Mart sentiments, misleading propaganda and a selective misrepresentation of the facts to confuse, anger and excite the public. But he has the gall to castigate city leaders for using "scare tactics."

Wal-Mart and Lowe's alone provide the revenue that pays for a very significant part of our city's services. Both stores have sold their existing locations and will leave the city if we can't offer them locations. Those are facts, not scary tactics.

Derron Fairbanks