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Actor Fonda works surfing, science into new cable movie

Peter Fonda
Peter Fonda
Markus Schreiber, Associated Press

It's no coincidence that Peter Fonda worked his love of surfing and science into a new cable movie.

Fonda plays an astrophysicist in "Supernova," airing Monday on the Hallmark Channel. The movie, co-starring Luke Perry, was filmed in South Africa.

"I worked it out with the director and the prop people over the phone that my character is a surfer," the 65-year-old actor said.

"When I decide to go away, there's a surfboard on top of my truck. And when my character discovers that the sun is going to explode and that fireballs are going to rain down on Earth, he gets on a plane to an island near the equator because he wants to be where the first big wave hits."