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Woman says husband attempted to kill her

ST. GEORGE (AP) — Jan Hester said she was locked inside her bathroom and overcome by bleach and ammonia fumes for nearly 20 minutes before the door was finally opened. She slumped into a hallway.

Her husband of 27 years "took his foot and moved me to the side, just like a sack of old potatoes," Hester testified. "Then he just left. He never said one word to me."

A judge revoked bail last week for Michael Hester, 50, and ordered his arraignment for Sept. 14 on charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.

Deputy Fire Marshall Todd Hohbein told the court bleach and ammonia fumes combine into "a toxic gas that will chemically burn the nose, throat, mouth and eyes. With prolonged exposure this could certainty cause death."

Jan Hester said she used a wet towel to breathe, but the fumes burned her eyes and lungs. After her husband left, she stumbled to a neighbor's house for help.

Hester testified she and her husband were mixing chemicals to scrub bathtub stains June 4 when he pushed her down, left the room and held the door shut, taking a rug to seal the gap under it.

Judge James L. Shumate revoked Hester's $100,000 bail, calling him a "danger to others," and ordered him back into custody.