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Santaquin to discuss building construction

SANTAQUIN — Santaquin leaders may start construction of the new, two-story public safety building this fall and have called a work session Wednesday to discuss it.

The City Council recently approved an increase in a new home impact fee to about $700 to pay for the building that could cost as much as $1 million. Over the past three years city leaders have saved up about $500,000 toward the project and will borrow the remainder using impact fees and sales taxes. The new impact fee included a .05 cents per square foot charge for commercial buildings.

At least four major residential developments are planned for Santaquin for the next few years, including 2,000 homes in Summit Ridge on the town's south end.

The two-story structure with a basement on Main and 300 West will house the police force, fire and ambulance personnel and equipment.

The City Council work session will begin at 6 p.m. in City Hall, 45 W. 100 South.