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Q&A on evacuees

How many evacuees have arrived?

The answer is inexact. More than 400 arrived Saturday night and early Sunday, but at least some of them were able to go on from the airport to other locations where they have family and friends.

How many more can we expect?

The Utah Air National Guard estimates arrivals to continue well into the week, perhaps as many as two flights a day for the next five days. The military airlift has been suspended, so evacuees will arrive on commercial airliners run by JetBlue. Those planes can hold up to 150 passengers.

How long will they stay?

Officials say they will help move evacuees who prefer to be at other identified locations. Those who want to stay on will be able to. Individual and family needs assessments will be conducted to determine possible employment options and how each can best access community support services.

How many can Utah shelter?

Camp Williams is set up to take about 800 to 1,000, officials say. No specific plans for additional housing have been made, but options outlined so far include Dugway, which could house about 600, and the overflow homeless shelter in Midvale, which could accommodate another 400.

Can Utahns house evacuees?

Possibly, but not yet. Officials first want to assess where the evacuees want to be and determine if there are family members elsewhere around the country who want to take them in.