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McCartney still writes tunes as if Lennon were listening

Paul McCartney sometimes gets a little help from a friend.

"When I write, there are times — not always — when I hear John (Lennon) in my head," McCartney says in the latest issue of Time magazine. "I'll think, 'OK, what would we have done here?' and I can hear him gripe or approve."

The former Beatles' newest work will be released Sept. 13 on his 20th solo album, "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard." Three days later, he starts a U.S. tour in Miami.

"Since the Beatles, I've approached making records every which way. A lot of times it's a really casual thing. Do a few tracks a day, have a bit of fun," McCartney said. "Normally I kind of say. 'I'd like to make a good album.' This time there was motivation, determination. 'I'm going to make a good album. I'm going to, and that's that.' "

The album took two years to record, with McCartney playing many of the instruments himself.