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No weekend traffic deaths

The end-of-summer holiday weekend has been a good one so far for the Utah Highway Patrol.

As of early Monday afternoon, there had been no traffic accidents resulting in a fatality on the freeways through the Salt Lake Valley, said Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Dave Popelmayer.

Final statistics for the entire state were expected to be available later this week.

In addition, the UHP put an extra 12 troopers on the road Saturday night for a driving-under-the-influence blitz.

Of the 125 vehicles pulled over, eight drivers were arrested for investigation of DUI. Another 13 had previous warrants out for their arrests and were taken into custody.

What was encouraging for the highway patrol, however, was that 12 of the vehicles stopped had designated drivers behind the wheel, Popelmayer said.

"Overall, it's been pretty quiet," he said Monday afternoon.

Traffic through the Salt Lake Valley was light Monday morning, Popelmayer said. But he noted that it traditionally doesn't pick up until evening when everyone returns home.