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Toiletries and meals sent to Camp Williams

The NAACP Salt Lake Branch, Wal-Mart and Sam's Club teamed up over the weekend to package and deliver toiletries and meals to the Hurricane Katrina victims staying at Camp Williams.

The toiletries were packaged and ready to go by Sunday morning, with volunteers completing the task at the West Valley Wal-Mart store, 3180 S. 5600 West. Then, an additional request came in for 1,500 lunches, along with dog and cat food, and that request also was met.

"Wal-Mart and Sam's Club employees began to fill trucks to provide relief for the hurricane victims," said Jeanetta Williams, president of the NAACP Salt Lake Branch.

Other items donated by Wal-Mart were distributed by the NAACP Salt Lake Branch on Saturday night to the hurricane evacuees as they arrived. Those items included bottled water, fruit, dried fruit, sandwiches and T-shirts. Diapers, baby formula, toys and other snacks also were provided.