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Contest starts with upsets

The 2005 Grid Picks contest started off with a cancellation — Utah State's game with Nicholls State. As a result, only 11 games were counted.

Joe Gallegos of West Valley City scored 10 of 11 right and was closest on the tiebreaker, missing the Boston College-BYU score by 28 points. For his efforts, Gallegos wins tickets to an upcoming college football game and a Grid Picks T-shirt.

Second place went to Kevin Whitehead of Lehi, who also got 10 of 11 right and was just a point behind with 29 on the tiebreaking game. Other runners-up, with nine right, included Mark Chappell of West Valley City; Carlton Ruesch of Layton; Jared Wood of Las Cruises, N.M.; Gregory Larson of Centerville; and Noland Parry of Pleasant Grove. They will receive Grid Picks T-shirts for besting the 1,157 others who entered.

As for the media panel — well, who thought TCU and Georgia Tech would upset mighty Oklahoma and Auburn, respectively? The Deseret Morning News' Loren Jorgensen and Jon Ringwood and KSL Radio's Greg Wrubell all went 7-4. Amy Donaldson was 6-5 and KSL-TV's Tom Kirkland was 4-7.

This week's media picks are listed on the graphic. Entries in the Week 2 contest are due online by 5 p.m. Friday.