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Get facts on welfare straight

The number of uninformed, unintelligent letters to the editor about "welfare cheats" never ceases to amaze me. Lance Hyatt (Readers' Forum, Sept. 3) purports he has witnessed people who are not legally eligible for welfare lining up at the welfare office to get their check and then going to the liquor store. To Mr. Hyatt and the rest of you, there is no welfare office. No one gets their check at Workforce Services, which is where people go to apply for assistance. No one gets a check at all. All monies are put on a plastic Horizon card that then must be cashed out at an ATM. It has been this way for several years. Also, the only people allowed cash assistance are women (who are legal citizens) with children, for 24 months only. No able-bodied adult male or female receives any cash assistance. The only adults without children who receive "welfare," a whopping $261 a month for 24 months, are those adults awaiting Social Security disability payments.

Seanna Williams