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Sandy plans night of talent

You want Hawaiian dancers? Got 'em. How about a 12-year-old classical pianist? Got that, too. Belly dancers, ballroom dancers, ballet dancers — you name it, they've got just about everything this year at the annual Sandy Talent Showcase sponsored by the Sandy Arts Guild.

"I've done (the showcase) five years," said Barbara Olsen, "and this one is just as good as all the rest of them that we've been doing. . . . I'm happy with the mixture that we have because we have all the way from rock 'n' roll to classical. It's not going to be a really long program, it will be just under two hours, so it will be just enough time to make it enjoyable for everyone."

Olsen said that the lineup this year also includes a handbell choir, a vocal percussionist, a group of young girls doing a '60s medley and a high school rock band called "In Between Names."

"We did have to be selective," said Olsen. "We had so many female vocalists! I had more female vocalists send in their information than anyone, so I had to narrow that down, and then I had quite a few bands. A lot of the young boys found out — high school age, and they all wanted to be in it."

But now that the final selections have been made, it promises to be a fun night for the whole family.

If you go

What: Sandy Talent Showcase

Where: Sandy Amphitheater, 1300 E. 9400 South

When: Monday (Sept. 12), 7:30 p.m.

How much: free