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Salt Lake County pets of the week

Libby is an 8-year-old spayed female. She is very verbal, super sweet and she loves to be held, purring as she occupies laps. She's not a huge fan of being carried around, possibly because she's self-conscious about her weight, and she would do best as an only pet. Libby's adoption fee is only $25.

Boom is a handsome Blue Heeler, who was dumped from his owner's car into a metal scrap yard. This charming dog walks well on a leash, knows how to sit, lay and play dead on command and absolutely adores people. He's 8 years old, and eager to please people. He's already neutered, so his adoption fee is also $25. Because his previous owner didn't appreciate him and made an irresponsible decision, a new family now has the opportunity to love this wonderful dog.

Libby and Boom would like to request that as pet parents we make good decisions regarding our animals this back-to-school season. Many families are tempted to turn their pets in to shelters as the kids go back to class, and as the cute puppies and kittens they acquired in the spring grow into dogs and cats. Please remember that pets are a lifetime commitment, and pet parenthood is not a seasonal activity. The most important lesson children can learn this fall is that animals are family members for life! Come adopt lovely Libby and beautiful Boom at Salt Lake County Animal Services, 511 W. 3900 South,. or call 269-7499. And view our pets virtually at