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Items sought for evacuees' pets

Hundreds of evacuees from the Gulf Coast hurricane disaster are now being sheltered at Utah's Camp Williams, and many of these displaced people have brought pets with them.

The Humane Society of Utah has been officially designated by the American Red Cross as a drop spot for supplies for these needy animals.

Anyone wishing to donate either canned or bagged animal food, blankets, bottled water or other necessary items to assist the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina can bring them directly to the Humane Society's shelter, located at 4242 S. 300 West in Salt Lake City.

The Humane Society staff will personally transport them to the evacuee base at Camp Williams and see that all the animals there are properly cared for and provided with everything they need to ensure their health, comfort and safety.

Those who prefer to make cash donations can send funds or donate online at

For more information, call the Humane Society of Utah at 261-2919.

To make donations to the Humane Society of the United States, call 1-888-259-5431 or mail checks to: HSUS Disaster Relief Fund, HSUS, Dept. DRSHFM, 2100 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20037. The society's Web site is

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary also is collecting funds for homeless pets. Its address is Best Friends Hurricane Relief, c/o Leigh Breland, 1635 Misty Lane, Terry, MS 39170.