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No alcohol or drugs in 4 who drowned

OREM — The four people who drowned last month in a cave on Provo's Y Mountain did not have any drugs or alcohol in their systems at the time of their deaths.

The final report from the state Medical Examiner's Office showed no traces of alcohol or narcotic drugs in Blake Donner, Scott McDonald, Ariel Singer and Jennifer Galbreath, Provo police detective Hiatt Bean said Thursday.

"There was not any alcohol in any of their systems," Bean said. "The cause of death was listed as accidental, and the immediate cause of death was listed as drowning."

Because of the nature of the cave's tunnel and inner chamber, police suspect that the four college-age adults simply ran out of air.

"In talking with people who had been through the cave before," Bean said, "each person would generally go through one at a time and then stand in the inner chamber in 4 feet of water for a brief period of time. They would then feel light-headed and be in a somewhat euphoric state.

"The (inner) chamber was full of water, so it wasn't like the oxygen could replenish itself. You get four people back there — and we know that a couple were back there for some time — and the kids just ran out of air. It's very unfortunate."

The four were known to engage in a lifestyle devoid of drugs and alcohol.

"In speaking with people that knew them," Bean said, "we came to find out that they lived a lifestyle where they didn't partake of any alcohol. So with what we knew about the likelihood of an oxygen shortage in the cave, the fact that the final report came back negative for drugs and alcohol doesn't surprise me at all."