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Unions needed more than ever

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I disagree with Brian Yee's statement: "Education, innovation and efficiency are the only ways to increase wages and our standard of living" and his feeling that unions are not effective anymore (Readers' Forum, Jan. 6).

He further states that "unions are just a way to pursue socialist aims by controlling wages and distribution of wealth through force." Let me remind Mr. Yee that unions have been our check and balance vs. business since most companies today have "innovative" means to make the average worker lose many of the benefits that were promised when they were hired.

Ask a teacher or a miner where they would be if there were no unions. Ask a Wal-Mart worker if their benefits compare to the average union person.

We need unions more now than ever before since we cannot count on the integrity of our CEOs, Congress and government watchdog agencies to watch out for the average worker.

Jim Dublinski

Salt Lake City