MIDVALE — The investigation is continuing into the brutal beating death of George Benally of Ogden, whose body was found dumped in a parking lot earlier this month.

Midvale Assistant Police Chief Tony Mason said police are examining videotape from a surveillance camera in a business near where Benally's van had been abandoned. The tape shows the vehicle driving up and also shows it being abandoned.

Mason said the van was left the same day Benally's body was dumped. The vehicle was impounded by the nearby business at first, then was seized by police.

Benally, 43, was found beaten and unconscious Jan. 6. He remained in a coma and died in a hospital Jan. 12, with his identity unknown for the last days of his life. A photograph released to the media prompted phone calls to the police and an autopsy officially determined his identity.

Benally has a lengthy criminal history and was on parole at the time of his death. He was on the state sex offender registry for an attempted forcible sex abuse conviction in 2001. He was employed as a steel worker and was the father of seven children.