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Obituary: Don Jones Chambers

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Don Jones Chambers "Jonesy" 1932 ~ 2006 -In his Words- Another wonderful day...after seventy-three years of them, at the close of a perfect day, my "Boss" called me home. I am so happy to be going to join Him whom I have served for so many happy years. Now, without regret of any kind and carrying the most wonderful memories, I go into the loving, waiting arms of my Savior, whom I have known personally for more than forty years. He told me in His word that "to be absent from the body is to be present with Him" and I trust Him and believe His word! What a wonderful life this has been, now as I reflect on that walk, I am filled with awe for the many experiences God has given me. I graduated from three seminaries and received some fine degrees, but, to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, that is where the real joy, peace and contentment is. No Church, Temple, Pastor, Priest or King can fill the void in our lives, that desire for real love, peace and contentment....just Him! I was very active in the church that I was born into but midway in my life I chose another path, paved with love, not law and without reluctance I (willingly) left that organization for the Christian walk. I was ordained with the Pentecostal Church of God where I served as Pastor and District Secretary-Treasure. I was Pastor of the Full Gospel Assembly Church in Salt Lake City where I also taught Ministerial Studies, then transferred into the Open Bible Church to pastor three different churches for them. I taught for the Assembly of God Church in Quartzsite, Arizona then pastured Love Christian Assembly there for three years. Health made me leave that position I loved the church and loved the people I was serving. God is so good! I ended up here in this beautiful St. George, that my wife's great-grandfather helped pioneer. What a pleasant experience life has been! Each and every time I have had the privilege of teaching anything having to do with my Lord. Oh, if I could just explain the joy that can be yours by just accepting the finished work that Christ has done for you. I pray that my life has touched a few folks, that their walks have been made brighter, and their paths made easier and filled with real contentment because of Him. I always prayed "God make me an instrument to be used for Your glory." I hope He has, and believe He did. I was born at Helper, Utah in 1932 to John E. and Berta Jones Chambers. They had four children, Mary, Bert, Della and me. Mary lived in Phoenix and is buried there. Bert spent most of his life in Nephi and is buried in Spanish Fork. Della recently passed away and is also buried in Spanish Fork. Our parents were Godly people that lived the Word all the time. Always givers of love and sharers of food and board to any and all that were in need. They both were of pioneer stock, Mom from Lewis and Jones families that helped to settle Salem and Spanish Fork, then homesteaded in Spanish Fork Canyon, Sheep Creek, Dairy Fork, Old Tucker and Soldier Summit. Dad's family had the first brick yard in Utah County, it was at Leland. His Grandfather was sent there by Brigham Young. In 1951 married the love of my life, Betty Lou Andrus. A match made in heaven. (A love match, not a boxing match!) What a wonderful blessing God gave me when He sent her into my life. We had seven children. Don Jr. (never liked the Jr. part, made him sound to young, bet it doesn't bother him in that respect anymore huh?) married Cassy Harword. They live in Spring City where their lives are filled with contentment, kids and grandkids! Then we had Deanna "Daddy's little girl" with beautiful curly hair and a kind and loving heart. She has been stuck in a wheel chair for almost 20 years, MS holding her prisoner, but she always has the love of God shining in her eyes no matter how tough her lot becomes. She is a member of the Trinity Christian Church in Price. (My home church too.) Then our son Douglas, who retired from the Navy and came to see us in Death Valley where we were working with the Christian Ministry in the parks. Douglas stood and recommitted himself to Christ on Sunday night. He was killed in an auto accident the next day. As sad as we were over that loss, we were happy to know that he is safe in the arms of Jesus. Any and all his sins were washed away, just as yours would be just by confessing and professing that you are a sinner who needs a Savior, because that's what it says in God's Holy Word! Then we had Judy who married Butch Bogdin. They live in Craig, Colorado. They are active in the Assembly of God Church over there. She is my wonderful Welsh speaker. What happiness she brought me practicing the old tongue. Then we had Laura, who married Barry Kelso. They live in Boise, Idaho. She is our "daughter the school teacher". She is principal of two Montessori Schools, and is an accomplished musician on piano and violin. Then Jana, my "Old Baby" (fy baban hen) married Tom Ellis. They live near us and we see them every day or two, they also come to our church. I preach to them all the time and they are kind enough to listen. And last of all the caboose kid, Jason Andrus Chambers who is now living in Wellington. He married Brenda Baras. Always been a hard working guy and always wanted to drive a truck. Seems to be happy doing just that at least for now. (Go for it Jason, you can catch the blessings!) Although I lived in Salt Lake City for 35 years, I always thought of Soldier Summit as my home. I had a house up there for over forty years. My Grandfather was the first Mayor and, sad to say, I was the last. Over the years I worked making a living as Refrigeration Mechanic, then as salesman, then as owner of Chambers Sales Co. I worked for Moore Butcher Supply, John Wernli, Co., all wonderful people. Then I worked and retired as Store Planning Manager of Fleming Food Company. But, I always considered being Pastor as my first calling, and it was always the one with the highest pay, not in dollars but in blessings. But now I've got to go, I have someone saving me a seat beside the Eastern Wall. I think there will be a little memorial service for me, a celebration of my life (I hope) with a lot of smiles and some singing and a few good jokes! And your all invited. I hope you meet my good friend Jesus, I am sure He will be there! Remember God loves you and so do I. See ya soon. Pastor Don (Old Jonesy) Pastor Don Jones Chambers passed away Jan 14 ,2006. At his request his ashes will be scattered on the cliffs of the Red Narrows in Spanish Fork Canyon. There will be a memorial service at Trinity Christian Church on Saturday January 21, 2006 in Price Utah.