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Search-and-rescue team goes diving for luggage

SHARE Search-and-rescue team goes diving for luggage

The dive team from the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit went looking for stolen luggage Monday and a chance to hone its diving skills.

The search was the result of a string of bad luck for a U.S. marshal from Oregon. The man was flying home and had a layover in Salt Lake City, said Mike Wingert, head of the Joint Criminal Apprehension Team for the Marshals Service Salt Lake office.

Before he got on the plane, he was forced to put his carry-on bag with the rest of the flight luggage. His bag was somehow misplaced, and rather than going on to Oregon, it ended up on one of the carousels, Wingert said.

That's where it was taken by another man. The marshal was returning from a duty-related trip, so his badge, baton and uniform were in the bag, Wingert said. There were no guns in the bag. A tip led agents last week to the arrest of a Utah man, who said he threw the bag in the Jordan River. The bag has not been found.

The man accused of stealing the bag had federal charges pending Monday, Wingert said.