SANDY— For a coach to have someone like Alta's Zac Eddington around is a dream come true. He is exactly the type of wrestler and person that anyone in charge would love to have on the team.

"He is the kind of kid that if you told him to run through a wall, he would ask, 'How many times?' " said Alta coach Barry Harrington. "He is very dedicated and hard working. He has really caught the vision of what we want to do, and in practice he goes all out."

The results of Eddington's hard work have translated to more success on the mats. He finished second recently at the Rocky Mountain Rumble, and after winning four matches to reach the finals, he increased his record to 28-5 on the year. He has progressively improved during each of his three seasons and feels he is just beginning to reach his potential.

"I think I'm doing pretty well," Eddington said of his results this year. "I'd love to keep working hard enough to get to state, and then, who knows, maybe I could win a state title before it's all done."

Harrington acknowledges that Eddington has been a work in progress, but that he has reached a spot where he is not only doing well individually but is an important part of how the Hawks will do as a team.

"He's a team captain with (Ryan) Green and (Steve) Michels," Harrington said. "He is a great leader by example. He is always working hard to get better, and his hard-nosed attitude rubs off on those around him. He's the type that puts in the work in the room (practice), and it is starting to show in his matches."

One of the reasons that Eddington has been improving is his willingness to take on almost anyone in practice. Eddington wrestles at the 103-pound classification, but Harrington said that he will wrestle teammates all the way up to the 130-pound range — something that helps when he faces someone his own size.

When not on the mats, Eddington can usually be found doing something outside. He said that he enjoys anything to do with a board, such as snowboarding or wakeboarding, and he is a passionate hunter and fisher.

Eddington admits that he is not the best student ever but works hard to try to keep about a B average and that history is his favorite subject. When his senior year is through, he has plans to go to college and said that will most likely be at Western State in Colorado where his uncle is the basketball coach.

Even if Eddington does not win a state title this season, he said that wrestling has been a great experience. He is certain that the sport has done more than just pass the time.

"It has been the best learning experience of my life," he said. "It has taught me how to push myself harder than I ever thought possible. I am sure that wrestling has helped get me ready for any other challenges I may face later on in my life."