PARK CITY — Celebrity watching is already in full swing in at the Sundance Film Festival. Among the stars seen in action:

Lucy Liu, throwing her large fur-trimmed hood on and beelining for her car after interviewing at the Aquafina Lounge for her Sundance movie "Lucky Number Slevin"; her co-star Josh Hartnett, also running out of the lounge but more eager to take pictures with swooning fans; his reported girlfriend Scarlett Johansson, running down the street Friday night and asking paparazzi to not take her picture because her hair and make-up weren't done; Nick Nolte, walking down Main Street and happily posing for pictures; "But Can They Sing?" reality star Bai Ling, also walking down Main Street and signing autographs; Rob Lowe, leaving the W Las Vegas Residences Lounge.

The paparazzi — those notoriously pushy photographers at show-biz events — are already generating bad press for themselves at the Sundance Film Festival.

During the opening-night premiere of "Friends With Money" at the Eccles Center in Park City, near fights reportedly broke out between photographers who were jockeying for position to get the best shots of Robert Redford and Jennifer Aniston.

At one point, festival co-director Geoff Gilmore told the photographers to move aside so Redford and "Money" director Nicole Holofcener could make their way past them to the theater stage. When the rowdy photographers lingered too long after Redford's opening remarks and Holofcener's introduction of her film, Gilmore told them curtly, "You can leave now."

The Phillips Electronics lounge has been hopping with A-listers. Celebs can pick up the free swag that includes the latest technological advancements. Confirmed tech-girl Shannon Elizabeth was checking out the new Ambilight line of TVs and she competed with 'N Syncer Lance Bass in a shaving competition. The two shaved a kiwi with the new Norelco Bodygroom, to test the sensitivity of the new razor. Rocker and reality star Tommy Lee also checked out the latest movie-watching advancements and was particularly interested in the Blu-Ray hi-def DVD system, set to hit the market later this year.

A full-length feature concert from recent Billboard top-five band Switchfoot will be presented at the Canyons Resort at 7 p.m. Monday. Guests can ride a gondola to the top of the mountain for the free concert. As part of the Canyons Vertical Vibe concert series, there will also be a fireworks display.