PROVO — Michael and Nathaniel Holt share just about everything. The twin brothers are seniors at Provo High School and, if you see one, odds are you'll see the other one with him.

"We probably do everything together," said Nathaniel. "We hang out with the same friends. We go pretty much everywhere together."

They share classes, clothes and plenty of common interests. The thing they're most well-known for sharing, however, is a passion for the sport of wrestling and plenty of successes on the mat.

They're not identical twins. In fact, if you saw them on the street you might not even realize they were related. But, the family resemblance is unmistakable when it comes to their performance as wrestlers at Provo. As juniors last season, Nathaniel won the state championship in the 140-pound division. Michael wrestled at 119 pounds and took second in state, losing the championship match in overtime. Both were region champions.

Most wrestling coaches in the state would be happy to have one athlete with the last name "Holt" on their team. Provo coach Brian Preece is thrilled to have two of them.

"I feel really blessed," Preece said.

Wrestling wasn't always a common activity with the brothers. Nathaniel got into the sport in junior high school while Michael, the longer and thinner of the two, pursued his interested in basketball. It wasn't until their freshman year when Michael decided to drop basketball and surrender to Nathaniel's request to try out wrestling.

"I wanted a tougher sport," said Michael. "(Nathaniel) had always said I should come try wrestling, so I thought I might as well do that. I'm glad I did."

Preece didn't even realize Nathaniel had a twin brother until Michael showed up at practice one day. Three years later, opponents, teammates and fans alike can't talk about one without talking about the other. Naturally, they've become top wrestlers in the state — together.

"I always tried to get him to come and try it with me," said Nathaniel. "He never seemed too interested until his freshman year. Sometimes there are those days when you just don't feel like doing anything. We push each other and make each other better."

Like most sports, it usually takes several long years and a lot of experience to reach the skill level necessary to compete for a championship in wrestling. Michael's progress to a championship level was fast. A lot of coaching, pushing and practicing goes on inside the family.

"We have our battles," said Nathaniel. "You'll be laying down watching TV and all the sudden someone's on top of you pounding you. I usually win. I have the size on him."

"It's good because sometimes he pushes me," said Michael. "He gets me that much better and that much more in shape. And, sometimes when he doesn't feel like going to practice, I try to do the same."

Michael and Nathaniel's father is a former wrestler and he lends plenty of support and travels with his sons to tournaments all over the country during the off-season. The Holts are known outside of Utah as well, and Nathaniel has received All-American recognition.

With only a few weeks left in their high school wrestling careers, all of their focus is on finishing strong at the region and state tournaments.

Michael remembers well how it felt to lose in the championship match last year. It was a tough defeat to swallow and the disappointment lingered, but a lot of it lifted a few minutes later when he watched Nathaniel win his state championship.

"Knowing he won made it a little easier," said Michael. "I felt bad, but when I saw him win, it made me feel a little better and happy for him."

The brothers agree that one state championship is not enough. They both want to have two more to put in the family trophy case after this season.

"We were hoping for it last year," said Nathaniel. "It would be awesome. How many twin brothers are going to be able to say to their kids when they grow up, 'Me and your dad took state when we were growing up.' "

"My goals are to go to region in the best shape I can be," said Michael. "Then go to state and win state."

Win or lose, the Holt family has left its mark at Provo. But, more importantly, along with their textbooks and favorite T-shirts, it's just one more thing Michael and Nathaniel have been able to share in high school.

"Now we have one more thing in common with us," said Nathaniel. "We can be together that much more."