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Don’t add ‘Reagan’ to HAFB

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I must voice my disapproval of Rep. LaVar Christensen's proposal to rename Utah's Hill Air Force Base the Reagan Hill Air Force Base.

With good reason, conservative Republicans claim Ronald Reagan as their most recent political hero. I readily acknowledge his major role in the closing stages of the Cold War. But possibly, it was Russia's moribund economy that could not maintain its spiraling military spending program.

Reagan's blustering rhetoric about an unproven defense system (the much-ballyhooed "Star Wars" missile defense system) may have been "the old ranger's" penultimate performance. He really demoralized the "evil empire" with this act.

But what about the so-called Iran-Contra affair, or Reagan's callous destruction of the air traffic controllers' union, not to mention his disregard for the environment? Hill Air Force Base is a legacy in Utah. I say let it be. It's been a recognizable Utah base for more than 60 years and the name is still working. Reagan already has an airport named after him in Washington, D.C. — enough already.

M. Guy Bishop

Woods Cross