175 years ago

By revelation given through the Prophet Joseph Smith on Feb. 4, 1831, Edward Partridge was called to be the first bishop of the Church.

The revelation recorded as Doctrine and Covenants 41:9-11 states: "And again, I have called my servant Edward Partridge; and I give a commandment, that he should be appointed by the voice of the church, and ordained a bishop unto the church, to leave his merchandise and to spend all his time in the labors of the church;

"To see to all things as it shall be appointed unto him in my laws in the day that I shall give them.

"And this because his heart is pure before me, for he is like unto Nathanael of old, in whom there is no guile."

Bishop Partridge was born Aug. 27, 1793, in Pittsfield, Mass. He was baptized Dec. 11, 1830, by Joseph Smith in the Seneca River near Fayette, N.Y. He died in Nauvoo on May 27, 1840. (See Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia by Andrew Jenson, Vol. 1, pp. 218-222.

In the heading to Doctrine and Covenants 36, another revelation given through Joseph Smith, it states: "The Prophet said that Edward Partridge 'Was a pattern of piety, and one of the Lord's great men.' "