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Press still hasn’t learned

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Nancy Perkins' article about POW Dale Rigby and his ordeal with his Pueblo shipmates (Jan. 23) is a great example of the sacrifices made — and still being made — by the men and women of the armed services. Studying the actions of patriots inspires one to do better and to appreciate the great freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.

Ms. Perkins' article also teaches that the free press in America has learned nothing from history.

The most pain endured by Mr. Rigby came after Time magazine exposed the real meaning behind the "good luck sign" displayed by the captives. The Pueblo crew was severely beaten by its captors because of Time magazine's "in-depth" reporting.

The question I would like to ask the press is: How many lives of our sons and daughters are needlessly lost due to this type of reporting?

Harold R. Wing