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The winners and the losers

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Winner: West Jordan's City Council did a nice thing this week by renaming a short street Rosa Parks Drive.

Sure, Parks was far from Utah when she defied the law and refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man in Montgomery, Ala. But by putting her name on a road that goes past the city's new justice center and 3rd District courthouse, the council is making a strong statement about its regard for justice and equality.

Loser: In this day and age, few crimes are more aggravating or menacing than identity theft. Armed with a Social Security number or a credit card, a criminal can steal a lot of money, forge documents and otherwise make life miserable for the person whose good name is being used. Police this week uncovered what appears to be a fairly large forgery ring in West Valley City. The money apparently was being used to purchase illegal drugs.

The arrests were good news. But the bad news is that so many more people on the loose are doing all they can to get at your personal information.

Winner: Utah County is having success with its new effort to curb alcohol sales to underage buyers. Known as the EASY program (Eliminate Alcohol Sales to Youth), it provides special training to cashiers, clerks and associates, provides for regular compliance checks and imposes stiff penalties against employees who sell to minors. The compliance rate now is 85 percent, up from what had been as low as 60 percent.

Alcohol abuse is a serious matter, and it tends to begin in teenage years. American Fork, Cedar Fort, Saratoga Springs and Santaquin need to explain to their residents why they are the only cities in the county to opt out of this program.