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Not all skateboarders are rude

SHARE Not all skateboarders are rude

I recently noticed comments from two readers regarding skateboarders in our city as being "dangerous." As the mother of two skateboarders, I beg to differ. Just as there are rude drivers and rude bicyclers, there are rude skateboarders. But you cannot lump them all into one category. Maybe if more cities would follow the examples of Sandy, South Jordan and Taylorsville and provide safe, clean skate parks for our youths to access then citizens would not be "knocked flat" as one writer put it.

My boys are both responsible citizens, take baths, cut their hair, hold jobs and attend school. They mow the lawn, rake leaves and say please and thank you. In my 10 years of watching hundreds of skaters, I have met some very fine, upstanding young people. Instead of rolling them all into one big "dangerous" ball, go watch the skaters at one of the parks. You will be amazed at their talent and athletic ability.

Marci Fedderson

Salt Lake City