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100 years ago

The Rick's Academy Building in Rexburg, Idaho, was finally cleared of debt and dedicated on Nov. 12, 1906, according to the book The Spirit of Ricks, a History of Ricks College by David L. Crowder.

The book states: "By early September, enough money had been raised to pay off the academy building and grounds mortgage. Dedication of the building could proceed as planned. Elder John Henry Smith (of the Quorum of the Twelve) was the presiding authority at the dedication."

The book quotes the welcoming by Fremont Stake President Thomas Bassett: "It is 18 years today since Pres. Ricks and Pres. Rigby organized the Ricks Academy in the First Ward meeting house. It has grown until it has become the glory of Southeastern Idaho."

The book states that Elder Smith dedicated the building in the afternoon session, "invoking the 'blessings of God to rest upon the heads of all who are working for the Ricks Academy, and all who have aided in the construction of the building."'